Clothing photojournal

After documenting what I wore for (almost) a week, it became clear that I like the color gray. I already knew that I liked it, but the evidence is even more damning. To sum up my clothing preferences, I like things that are comfortable, that could be considered moderately stylish, that have NO brand markings, and that are easily interchangeable so that I don't have to spend a lot of time picking out an outfit. I wear a lot of the same clothes every week, which are a small fraction of what's in my closet. I should really clean it out.

Saturday – I did not leave the house but was extremely productive. I wore one of my favorite t-shirts; I have three of the same kind but in different colors. They fit extremely well, are soft, have a very subtle color pattern not unlike Funfetti® cake, and have a front pocket which I enjoy even though I rarely use it. My black jeans are Levi's 510. They are a bit rougher material than my other jeans but they fit the best out of any. My slippers are Uniqlo and they keep my feet warm in the apartment.

Sunday – Shirt is Uniqlo HEATTECH, pants are also Levi 510 but not really denim, more of a canvas material. I love both of these items, they are very soft and comfortable. The HEATTECH shirt is warmer than the average undershirt which is nice on cold days. The pants are the softest jeans I have, I think because they are very worn (they used to be a lot rougher material). They are also slightly too short for regular shoes so I only wear them out with boots. Or at home when it doesn't matter.

Tuesday – When I go to school, I usually wear a button-down shirt. This one is Hawkings McGill (Urban Outfitters), one of my favorite shirts because it goes with anything and fits well. The pants are my black Levi's and my boots are Clarks. I only wear one pair of shoes outside of my home, these are them. They are dark brown which means they go with mostly anything.

Wednesday – This is my all-time favorite shirt. It's a Uniqlo flannel and it is so soft. Often I will wear it at home when lounging around just because it's so soft. The pants are my canvas Levi's.

Thursday – This is a new favorite outfit of mine. Uniqlo chambray shirt, Uniqlo HEATTECH long sleeve, black Levi's, and Clarks. I think this is the most style-forward of the five outfits, though that might not be saying a whole lot. The chambray is my second favorite shirt besides the gray flannel.

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