Timeout update

Last time I wrote about Timeout, it was called Time Out! and it was only a wireframe. Since then, I showcased a half-working prototype at the 2014 ITP Spring Show, and had largely given up development due to my inability to overcome the challenge of reliably locking down an Android device, regardless of make, model, or version.

Then, two weeks ago, I stumbled on the Android Device Administration API. I have no clue how I missed this during my months of research but clearly I was making things way too hard for myself. In an attempt to mimic apps like Toddler Lock that prevent you from leaving the app, I had overlooked the fact that you could simply force the device to lock, and force it to lock immediately on unlock, ad infinitum, using a built-in Android feature that didn't require anything from the user besides activating device administration through one additional dialogue.

I got busy and, sure enough, it worked. In fact it works all the way back to Android 2.2, which is even more ideal, since that was the oldest version I had planned on supporting.

Today I finished development, and Timeout is now available on Google Play. Thank you to all of my classmates in Always On, Always Connected for sitting through various iterations of the early app, as well as Shawn Van Every his knowledge and support.