Foosball front-end

Link: Foosion

Partially for class, partially for fun, I created the front-end framework for some of my Cloudcommuting colleagues' foosball-centric RFID projects. The systems are not connected as of yet but by the end of the semester we should have a fully-functional identification system that updates the front-end in real-time.

There are several data points that we are recording:

  • Date of match
  • Winning player names
  • Winning team score
  • Losing player names
  • Losing team score

In future iterations we will be recording the goals scored by each player, as well as the time of the goals with respect to the start time of the game.

For this project I used AngularJS as the framework. Eventually it will be integrated with Node.js and MongoDB so that the front-end and the Yún(s) can communicate with the server and with each other. With this setup it will be feasible to display a foosball game live on the internet (similar to ESPN's Gamecast).

Since seeing the web site is helpful to understanding how the system works, please check it out at the link at the top of this post.

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