Final project proposal: Sonome

Sonome (Solar-powered Noise Measurement) is the tentative name of my final project for Energy. It will be another iteration on my project for the solar challenge, but in an extremely compact, low profile, wireless form.

Tagline: Wireless, self-powered noise level analysis tool!

I want to use this module in a larger project. Having accurate (even real time) measurements of noise levels in New York or any other city is something that most people would find useful when searching for housing or even just a quiet place to relax. Unfortunately, there is no way to get this data besides putting a bunch of loggers out into the world.

Sonome would help get this going by creating an all-in-one module that could be easily deployed anywhere in the city. The main problem is getting live data. Even with a WiFi shield (which seems prohibitively expensive for mass production), the placement of the module then depends on the availability of WiFi networks in that area.

There is no GPRS shield for the TinyDuino; however, GPRS may be the only way to truly untether these modules from any sort of location restrictions.

Bill of Materials (tentative)
Component Price
Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 400 mAh $7.95
Mini Solar Panel Module - 0.5W, 5V $2.13
TinyDuino Processor Board $20.95
TinyShield microSD $14.95
TinyShield WiFi $59.95
Total: $45.98

  • Week 7
    • Decide on components
  • Week 8
    • Order components
    • Diagram components and data flow
  • Week 9
    • Build prototype
  • Week 10
    • Test prototype
  • Week 11
    • Test prototype
  • Week 12
    • Rebuild prototype if necessary

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