Lab: Foam labyrinth

For class this week, we made objects out of 2" insulation foam. I made a 12"x12" labyrinth. Curves were a required feature for this project so I created a design using circular arcs and right angles. The first step was to settle on a sketch.

After I had committed to the sketch, I cut a 12"x12" square from my foam sheet and drew a 1-inch grid on the surface. Using the grid I was able to map my sketch onto the foam. The picture below shows the foam halfway through the cutting process; I had already removed the square corners from the bottom of the foam.

Once the individual pieces were cut and sanded, I attached them with nails to a 12"x12" foamcore sheet which served as the surface of the labyrinth.

My measurements were initially correct but my cutting and sanding introduced some error into the final product. The width between two adjacent walls of the labyrinth should always be 1" but there are places where this is not the case, due to my inaccuracy in cutting and sanding the circular arcs. However, I gained a lot of confidence using both the bandsaw and the belt sander, which will help when using wood next week.

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