Final: 1UP wearable activity monitor

My final project is a small wearable device that encourages physical activity by monitoring the number of steps you've taken during the day and abstracting this information into either an "upvote" or "downvote," similar to the voting apparatus used on Reddit.

 If the green arrow is lit, your physical activity is trending positively, and if the red arrow is lit, you need to get some exercise. The device will use your daily average number of steps to determine whether you should be upvoted or downvoted.

The biggest technical challenge is that I have been unable to obtain the Blend Micro or a Bluetooth LE TinyShield, as one is out of stock and the other takes weeks to ship. Even if I had ordered several weeks ago, it would have only arrived next week. I am exploring alternatively options, including using a TinyDuino to demo the device as if it was paired with my iPhone.

Today before class I am going to fabricate the acrylic pieces, and mock up the other components to get a sense of its size.

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