Drawing colored ellipses with a glowing box

My assignment (with Sheri Manson) was to make a physical interface for use with a Processing sketch from Introduction to Computational Media.  I waived this class but Sheri had a sketch for use with this project.

Her original sketch was a canvas on which you could draw multi-colored ellipses using a mouse. The color, opacity, and audio was determined by the mouse pointer's coordinates and the speed of motion. We modified this sketch to use an accelerometer as a controller, with changes in motion along its x-, y-, and z-axis controlling these same attributes.

We mounted the accelerometer (with Arduino) in a semi-transparent acrylic box, along with a multi-color LED that we programmed to match the color on the canvas.  The movements were very fluid; however, the LED proved to be unable to represent the entire color gamut of a computer monitor. Nonetheless, the glowing box created an interesting emotional feeling as its true contents remained hidden from view.

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